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Hello, dear reader, and thanks for dropping by.

I'm Cedric, the hero of Martin O'Neill's new book

'The Boy who missed Next Year'

I do all the hard work in the book, so it's only right I have my own site!


















Sorry about the photograph. Barry took it and chopped my head off, the barmpot..


Anway, here are the diagrams which that flippin' author can't upload to Amazon!

He's another barmpot, if you ask me!

Hope they give you an idea of my plan ..

sketch, diagram, footballers
skethc, diagram, footballers

All clear? Good! Head back to the story and

feel free to drop by soon for more of my highly intelligent

Fishy Musings ..


You can also click here to drop me a line.

Just make sure there's not a fishing rod attached to it ..

                                                                   Oh, my giddy ..

Ps: Apparently that author dude does a bit of photography

to keep himself busy.

I said I'd put a link on my page for him.

He's not a bad old sort, really ..

                                                 Laters ..