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Personal Photography by Martin O'Neill

After over 43 years as a Photographer Martin O'Neill has amassed one heck of a cool set of images,
and now has a fantastic archive of photographs going right back to the mid 1970s!

Everything from Joy Division to Jubilee Year, Morrissey to Morrison's,

Gladioli to Gloves, Salford to Tokyo ...
Social Documentary, Reportage, Music, Flower Photography ...
Observation, Information, Entertainment ...
It's all here!

I have exhibited as far afield as Cornerhouse in Manchester to Japan, London, Bedford and, erm.. Bury!

(Actually the same Derby Halls venue as the Joy Division 'riot' of 1980)
You can click here to see my Documentary Photography Archive

My two Self-Published Books - Don't Miss This + Don't Miss That  

Joy Division, The Smiths, Black Flag, Siouxsie and the Banshees .. and more! 

Originally my year-long 12 for '13 Archive Documentary Project

My flower & plant photography. Prints, coasters, place-mats + greetings cards.

My range of music T-Shirts featuring many of my exciting shots!


Loads of other stuff!

By the way .. Yes, that is my jumper! My mum knitted it for me, and I've still got it!

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