Yes, I've shot a few 'Slebs' in my time.

Everyone from The Queen to Frank Sidebottom .. and Sooty!!

After photographing Margaret Thatcher and Mohammed Ali I asked for their autographs

.. and got them!

Everything you see here was shot on film so,

as much of the work was for the Manchester Evening News,

many pictures are sadly long gone!

This is a selection from the negatives and transparencies I managed to save!

Norman Wisdom, Sean Hughes, Steve Coogan and John Thomson

A Comedy Selection!

Norman Wisdom, Steve Coogan, John Thompson & Sean Hughes ..

Maggie Thatcher and many other famous stars

How many can you name?

Brian Connolly, lead singer of pop band The Sweet
Foo Foo Lamar, Rowetta and James H Reeve .. in bed!

At the home of Brian Connolly, of The Sweet.

"You're taking a lot of photographs.." he said. "I bet if I stood on my head you'd even take that!"

Yes.." I said, "I would .."

So he did .. and I did!


An amusing magazine article about ..

'Celebrities in bed!'

Foo Foo Lamar, Rowetta from the Happy Mondays and DJ James H Reeve

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